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What is it about with Gründerstoff?

Simple. Organic. Fair.

Gründerstoff provides service, produces and processes green, sustainable and organic textiles and assures environmentally and socially sustainable production conditions. For clients who are not interested in sustainable and organic textiles, we also offer a variety of non-organic textiles with a huge variety of products. We offer individual solutions, outstanding quality and a vast rage of colors for your textiles.

We are a GOTS certified company, thus we guarantee fair wages and conditions throughout the entire production, from picking to shipping of the finished product for our sustainable and organic products.

We clearly oppose the exploitation of human kind and nature, as well as oppression or discrimination of any kind. We stand for respect towards each other and hold social standards high.

Financially, we work with a so called ethical bank from Germany, Ethik-Bank.

Greenatic Textiles is a newly created brand that specializes in individual designs and custom solutions to make your product as unique as you are.


Four simple reasons:

GOTS certified

We are a GOTS certified company! Thus we follow strict regulations and guidances.


Your brand matters to us! All our garments can be topped off with individuell woven labels.


Your style moves us!! Thus we are your solution when it comes to individual patterns for your textiles.


We love color! That is why, we offer a vast range of colors for your textiles. All in accordance with our certification of course.

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Who we are


Arda Taner


Longtime expert in terms of production, concept and design of textile merchandising.

Gernot Krebs


Senior Sales- and Marketing Manager with a broad network from the music industry.

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Snailmail goes to: Gruenderstoff GmbH, Feuchtwanger Str 12, 91583 Diebach

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